• Pneumatic nail gun and compressor – Preferably 18 gauge with 1″ to 1-1/4” brads or staples (framed cabinets only)

  • Wood glue – available at any home improvement store

  • Rubber mallet

  • Wet rag (to wipe off excess glue drips)

  • Drill gun with Phillips bit

  • May want to use some cabinet clamps to assist as a second set of ‘hands’ on certain odd-shaped cabinets, but this is not a requirement

  • Flat work surface that you can walk around. A workbench against a wall is not typically suitable as you can’t work from both ends of the cabinets



  • As a general rule, our suppliers ‘over-packages’ everything due to the expense and fragility of finished wood products. This results in a remarkably low damage rate, but it also means that you need to dispose of a lot of packaging materials. The packaging consists mostly of cardboard, thin foam sheeting, and wooden pallets. Be sure to plan your workspace accordingly.

  • All cabinets will be packaged in their own carton with the cabinet description clearly labeled on the end of the box. Some cabinets will come in several boxes. For instance, a tall pantry cabinet would come with the shelves and other items packed in a separate box.  Each cabinet box will have everything you need to assemble the basic cabinet box. 

  • Moldings and other parts and pieces will come in their own boxes

  • All items will be shipped on pallets, so access to a forklift and/or loading dock is helpful, but not required. 



  • We recommend that you assemble a cabinet at a time. If you begin unpacking all the cabinets, it will be easy to confuse your parts and pieces.

  • Ensure you have a flat, padded work surface. The floor of a garage is satisfactory, but bending over may become tiresome. A low, solid table may be ideal.

  • Assembled cabinets take up a bit more space than the flat-packed ones! Be sure to plan where you will store your ‘work in process.’

  • Get your nail gun/compressor, glue and rubber mallet handy, because we are ready to build cabinets!


In addition to the guidelines below, we suggest you review the complete printable version of our assembly instructions.

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