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B09   9"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 1D 1DR 1S

​B12   12"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 1D 1DR 1S

​B15   15"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 1D 1DR 1S

​B18   18"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 1D 1DR 1S

​B21   21"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 1D 1DR 1S


B24   24"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 2D 1DR 1S

​B27   27"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 2D 1DR 1S

​B30   30"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 2D 1DR 1S



W2430   24"Wx12"Dx30"H 2D 2S

W2730   27"Wx12"Dx30"H 2D 2S

W3030   30"Wx12"Dx30"H 2D 2S

W3330   33"Wx12"Dx30"H 2D 2S

W3630   36"Wx12"Dx30"H 2D 2S

W4230   42"Wx12"Dx30"H 2D 2S

BLW24/30   24"Wx12"Dx30"H 2D 2S



B33   33"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 2D 1DR 1S

​B36   36"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 2D 2DR 1S

​B42   42"Wx24"D34 1/2"H 2D 2DR 1S



WM3030   Microwave 30"Wx12"Dx30"H 2D


BSQC33   Easy Reach 33" Corner Unit

BSQC36   Easy Reach 36" Corner Unit


W2415   24"Wx12"Dx15"H 2D

W3015   30"Wx12"Dx15"H 2D

W3315   33"Wx12"Dx15"H 2D

W3615   36"Wx12"Dx15"H 2D


LS3612  Lazy Susan


W301524   30"Wx24"Dx15"H 2D

W331524   33"Wx24"Dx15"H 2D

BLB36/39   36"Wx24"Dx34 1/2"H 2D 1DR 1S



W3015WR   30"Wx12"Dx15"H Wine Rack


DB-15-3   15"Wx34 1/2"Hx24"D 3DR

DB-18-3   18"Wx34 1/2"Hx24"D 3DR

DB-24-3   24"Wx34 1/2"Hx24"D 3DR

DB-30-3   30"Wx34 1/2"Hx24"D 3DR



WDC2430   24"Wx12"Dx30"H 1D 2S

WDC273415   27"Wx15"D34"H 1D 2S


TLR8   Light Valance 1 1/2"x2 3/4"Hx96"L


WF630   Wall Filler

WF636   Wall Filler


V48F   Wall Valance 3/4"Dx5 1/2"Hx48"L


BEP34    34 1/2"x48"x1/2" Back Panel

BEP40   40"x48"x1/2" Back Panel

TK8   8' Toe Kick

BM8-40   Flat moulding trim 3/4"x1/4"x40"

CB9x9   Counter Support 2"Wx9"Hx9"D

OCM8-36   Outside Corner Trim 3/4"x3/4"x36"

DWR-3   Base End Panel for Dishwasher

              34 1/2"Hx24"Dx3"W

RRP96   Refridgerator End Panel

WF1230   Wall End Panel 11 3/4"Wx29 1/2"Hx 3/4"D


CM2-2 1/2   Small Crown Moulding 

                    1 1/2"Dx2 1/2"Hx96"L


WMD1230   W1230 Mullion Door Only, No Glass

WMD1530   W1530 Mullion Door Only, No Glass

WMD1830   W1830 Mullion Door Only, No Glass

WMDC2430   W2430 Mullion Door Only, No Glass

WMDC2734-15    W2730-15 Mullion Door Only,

No Glass

WP182484   18"Wx24"Dx84"H 2D 2S

WP242484   24"Wx24"Dx84"D 4D 2S


T3630   Medicine Cabinet


SB30-CY   30"Wx24"Dx34 1/2"H 2D 2H

SB33-CY   33"Wx24"Dx34 1/2"H 2D 2H

SB36-CY   36"Wx24"Dx34 1/2"H 2D 2H

SB42-CY   42"Wx24"Dx34 1/2"H 2D 2H

OJ2130   Medicine Cabinet


W0930   9"Wx12"Dx30"H 1D 1S

W1230   12"Wx12"Dx30"H 1D 1S

W1530   15"Wx12"Dx30"H 1D 1S

W1830   18"Wx12"Dx30"H 1D 1S

W2130   21"Wx12"Dx30"H 1D 1S

T4830   Medicine Cabinet


VA2418   24"Wx18"Dx32"H 2D

VA2421   24"Wx21"Dx32"H 2D


VA3021DR   30"Wx21"Dx32"H 1D 2DR


VA4821D   48"Wx21"Dx34 1/2"H 2D 4DR

VA6021DR   60"Wx21"D34 1/2"H 2D 4DR


VA3621DR   36"Wx21"Dx34 1/2"H 2D 2DR